It's been a while since i posted a look here as i have busy with lots of stuff and and I wanna start again and return with a BANG. Schizophonic - From root word schizo (split) and phone (voice/sound). I have entitled it schizophonic because I have performed on our x-mas party using my two voices. My natural male voice and my falsetto (female voice). I have attempted to have a duet with myself and had the courage to be Mariah Carey and Boys II Men. Aside from fashion, my second passion is singing. I am a frustrated singer. If you want to view the full video just click this link: Enough about the sound. Let's talk about fashion. I have created this two-piece outfit or shall i say four-piece using my old clothes. Well to start of, my male outfit was made from my old black pants, gray and white and black checkered vest. For the female look, i have created this silver semi see-through long sleeves and bedazzled with sequins to somewhat cover the breast area and ribbons. I have created a mini layered black skirt and gray fur. Black stilettos and black boots for my shoes. Hope you guys liked it!


Leopards and Chains


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Chief Complaint: Cardiomegaly

I thought our date will be the best date I ever had, but I was wrong. We met at exactly 6 p.m. I have waited for him until he was finished with his work. It was almost 3 hours of waiting. I haven’t had any sleep because I came from a graveyard shift.  We ate at Pizza Hut Bistro and had coffee at Gloria Jeans.  Most of the time, it was silent, maybe it was the waiting or the lack of sleep but it was a nightmare. It's as if we were both on different planets. It makes my heart grow so big and so heavy that it is beating as if it wants out of my body. After the dreaded date, I just pampered myself by watching my second favorite comedy series Ally Mcbeal to give myself a good laugh. To my amazement, it didn’t work. Now, I couldn't help but wonder, why do we have to resort to something comedic in order to escape our worst date ever?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Never happier..

I couldnt be any happier... This is my day.. The happiest moment of my life. This whole facade was because of one man and one man only. My oxygen. I started the day with a good conversation with him. We talked a lot, but got cut off cause my father was calling me. We are going to market to stock the fridge. Then i went online..We talked again, flirted and before i knew it he was asking me out.. I was really excited and never been happier. You see, this was our first date since ages? I really can't remember the last time we were out. So I was never happier. I just hope nothing's gonna come our way and the date was going to pursue. I was so happy. I couldn't help but wonder, is this for real or am i dreaming, well  I was certainly awake.

The power of love..

It is indeed a very good day for me today. At first i thought i was about to lose a friend, not just a friend but one of my very good good friend that i consider at work. He was planning to resign. He told me first and I was so shocked at the same time so sad when the news broke to me. He told me the reason and to tell you honestly it was a good one. He was offered way better than he was receiving at our company right now. And who am I to hinder that one good opportunity? If it was before maybe i begged him to stay, but i have grown. I am not that type of person who will hold it against someone if ever they will leave. You know i have some parting issues. I couldn't accept the fact that someone close to me is gonna leave me. But that was before. I should not stop anyone from getting their dreams, from achieving their personal growth. So now i learned how to let go. Friendship, a true friendship is not gonna end that easily. So i handled that news very well. After my talk with that friend of mine, I had a long talk with my love. Sometimes i wander how that guy really made me feel elated. We had a good and long conversation. We tried to catch up. We talked a lot of things. And it made me feel good somehow as the sadness drifting to me like pouring rain. I had also a good conversation with our HR. I had a first impression to her as if she was a snob. Somehow it was dissipated, but not totally actually. I felt good. And then to my surprise my friend told me he really thought about it and realized he cant leave us. By us i mean one of our friend, cause you see he was in love with one of our good friend. He cant bear not to see her. Now i couldn't help but wonder,, how love can be that powerful, well i can understand. I was on the same feeling and sentiment months ago.. We really cant bear to leave our love behind. How powerful love really is. Even mountain can be moved...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Man.. Polygamous..

I was at work. Just another typical day for me. I thought i wouldnt be able to write here and that would be very sad. It was when one of my MTs who was my batchmate, we were one of the pioneers in RDSI. It was when I accompanied her downstairs and i had a chance and idea to put something here. We talked a lot of things. It amazes me how insightful our conversation can be. Mostly our talk circled on how man was polygamous. Why is it man cannot be contented in loving or being with only one? Am i talking generally here? Is really man really polygamous and cant control their emotions and urges? Why it can be very difficult for man to love one woman or should i say man? She has husband, and there has been a chance when her husband had cheated her with another woman. It was very saddening to know that man can be so dense and insensitive as to how this things happened. Is it just for the enjoyment? Is it just sexual urge? Or is man has no contentment at all? There is this guy in our work.. He is my friend actually, who had abondoned his original friend and took another to be his companion. So later on, his original or should i say his first friend fall for him, and just like that upon meeting a new girl leaves her hanging without any talk or words whatsoever. I actually felt her agony and pain. It can be very painful to feel that way. The feeling that you have given almost everything and in the end he will just leave you hanging. Some guys can go back to their wives, girlfriends, or friends, but others just cant. When the time come that they will come back are we ready to accept and forget? Are we ready to forgive and make up? Most of us will say yes, and some of us will dont. I salute those who wont. But sometimes the one who was left behind can be very blind, deaf, and numb. They will accept the one they love with open arms. Now I couldnt help but wonder; will man be like this until the end or are we ready to move on, do something and stand up about this?..

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Back to work..

I was back to work from almost 2 days of off. And again I was late as usual, to my surprise i saw the love of my life in his most formal wear ever. He looked so yummy in his green polo and dark green slacks. That really makes my day. Then i did my usual routine, edit, watch movies at, eat, and make landi to him. And I couldnt help but wonder; Are there gonna be future with us? He really keeps me out of breath..

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What a tiring day..

It is Tuesday morning, i was supposed to be resting but then again I have an early start. I have to accompany my friend to go to Cardinal Santos Medical Center to apply for a position of a nurse. We met at Robinsons Cainta. I was there first which is by the way the second time i was there first because often times i was late, well so much for that. I was there and decided to eat at Jollibee. I ordered burger steak, macaroni soup and a soda. To my disappointment, the soup was not that creamy which is supposed to be because the name of it was "creamy macaroni soup" so there. A couple of minutes later my friend arrived. I ordered meaty spaghetti again, and again to my dismay, the spaghetti was not that meaty at all, so much for the names and endorsements. Why is it businesses will do anything to promote the food even if it is not true. Or it just so happens I was at some second rate mall? My friend told me the way the food was cooked should based their menus or way of cooking to their surrounding. I beg to disagree. Totally! I mean seriously, what kind of reasoning is that? They must take care of their names and their reputations but i guess that is the problem with well established food joints. Well so much for food. After that, we went off and rode a bus on our way to Cardinal. Inside the bus another disappointment hit me. The TV was tuned in to Wowweee, a local noontime TV show which i happen to hate really big time. During our ride i was looking away from the TV and looking at the window. I am really amazed with the filipinos for they dont have pretenses when money is involved. They will do everything for easy money which is really saddening. Even they put themselves in a really embarassing situation. Well, we arrived at Greenhills.  We went to Greenhills Shopping Center because my friend wanted to take a leak. It was really one expensive leak cause we have lots of stopovers, which lead me to shop. I was an impulsive buyer. Poor me. Then after two whole hours of shopping, we went to grab an ice cream at Arce Dairy. I got my favorite Pistacho. It was great. We grabbed a drink at Mcdo and had a smoke, then went straight to Cardinal which is a 10-minute cab away. Just when we arrived, the exam or the interview will not take place any sooner until January 8! Would you believe that? After that we went to Cubao to buy my friend's shoes for her Oath Taking.  After long hours of shopping we went straight to her place and ate Chicken Inasal. It was relaxing in the end i guess..

Monday, September 24, 2007

Night out with Friends..

Another day has passed, I was home early from graveyard work and sadly i got no money in my pocket. I was held up last Saturday evening on my way home. I rode a PUV and I was nearing bayan in Marikina and a man hitched on the PUV and the next thing i knew he shouted "hold up". All my money, my cards, and everything was taken away. So much for that sad story,, then Sunday afternoon, i just pawned my N91 phone, my friend texted me up asking my whereabouts. I told her i was pawning my phone due to that sad event, and I suggested i can come over to her place, and so i did. We were suppose to go to church, but then as always another friend of ours came late. We dont have time to go to church anymore. We just stayed at my friend's place, we ate which is by the way, where I have tasted the most delicious embutido I ever tasted. It tasted really really good. Then we had catched up, tell each others update, and thats when we heard for the first time that our friend has been seeing someone. That this someone may be the one for her cause she told us she was taking it slow.  She was taking it really seriously. I was happy for her. Just a trivia, she hasnt been very lucky with guys. Well she is beautiful, she has nice body shape, but then again she got been fooled by two guys, and loved one insane guy. (lols) Well love can be very playful sometimes. I cant say im very happy with my love life, but hey, I am taking it slow. Why is it sometimes it can be very tiring to wait. Yeah, it is, but then they said it will not come if you expect and impatiently wait for it to happen. We're not getting younger. Why is it every people need someone to love? Well no man is an island they say, but then again would it be much better if we stay single, alone, and lets just enjoy our lives? Now.. I couldn't help but wonder.. is one person cannot really live alone or we need someone to fill up the missing pieces?

My Birthday..

Birthdays supposed to be happy moments but for me it wasnt.  This was the time where in me and my beloved was not talking to each other. So i was thinking, how will I make this birthday of mine special? I have this friend, and this friend was the one that somehow helped me in forgetting my guy. He was nice, he has a car, and he was the first guy that I have introduced to my friends. He was always fetching me whenever, wherever. He was kind, funny, very sweet, and we always eat at Something Fishy in Eastwood. Thats our spot i  might say. So we decided to go to Baguio. We stayed there for three days. It was a nice vacation. On our way there, we have lWe went to Camp John Hay, we went horse back riding which is a very exciting experience although it can be very uncomfortable. We ate at a chinese restaurant for our dinner the first day, we get drunked.  That was the moment i thought something was going to happen but i stopped myself coz you see im a very monogamous person.  Hard to believe for a gay like me but hey, its true.  I thought i will do it only to the person i love, and plus the fact that we work there..We also went to flower garden and ate at Volante Pizza. We also ate at my most favorite restaurant of all time, 50's Diner. It was fabulous. The place has really 50's ambiance. The lighting was all pink. There are a lot of movie posters from the 50s. There is even a jukebox. The food was also great, in low and affordable price. Most especially, the milkshake was to die for. A must try. All in all, my experience in Baguio was totally unforgettable.

Welcome Back...

It’s been a while since I wrote here on blogger. I kind of lost my account and forgot my password, go figure. So what happened to me in the past few months of hibernation? Well for starters, I’m in a state where my career is taking off. The past months have been very good to me. I am finally on my way in establishing my first business venture, a computer cafe. I bought a 112 sq. m 2-unit commercial condo at Marquinton. It was located in Marikina just beside Blue Wave Mall. At first I was planning to establish a coffee shop but I can’t afford it. So I ventured into a computer shop with snacks on the side. I am initially putting in 10 pieces of computers and planning on serving coffee, pastries, cakes and snacks. I was practicing my baking skills and picked out the flavours of the coffee that I will be serving. I wanted it to add my personal touch. All pastries and cakes are my own recipes and the coffee flavours were specially brewed and came from Baguio. I also got myself a new phone. I am currently using N91 which I totally adore. I was recently promoted from work. I am now an Accounts Manager. I handle a total of 3 accounts. So I guess my career is off to a pretty good start this year.
Well, about love, still in love with same guy of course. Actually it’s been a long time. We had a long history. We were together last Christmas. He spent the holidays at my place, and then on New Year’s Eve we dine out. Then there goes the usual dates.  The most recent one was at Taco Bell, Food Court in Gateway and played at Timezone.
Unfortunately something happened to the point where in it totally shook the core of our relationship.  I believe it’s because one of our close friend and him got in to a fight, and then he slowly started to slip away.  He found his own circle of friends to the point that I felt I was being pushed away. It’s as if I didn’t exist anymore. I felt like my whole world fell apart. He was suddenly gone. I felt so broken. I got mad at him, as in totally pissed off. I didn’t talk to him for like three whole months. Whenever he tries to talk to me, I am always being a snob.  I reached a point where I felt like resigning from work, I was not happy anymore. I felt so alone.
One time, he did something so sweet that makes my heart melt. He gave me Solo B at Kenny Rogers with my favorite side dishes, potato and cheese with garlic and corn and mushroom.  At that time I was watching Grey’s Anatomy. I was at the scene where Meredith and Derek fought and Meredith's mother was admitted to the hospital and the news of her mother having Alzheimer’s broke out. It was the time wherein Meredith was so broken, she ran off outside the hospital and cried. Derek saw her and followed. She said to him, “I am exhausted, my work, my mother and especially you. I was exhausted of hating you. I don’t want to do that anymore and he kissed him.” That made me realize how exhausted I am of hating him. So I said the same lines with a little twist. I said to him "I am so exhausted, exhausted of my job, overtime for 16 hours, but the most exhausting part is hating you.  I don’t want to do it anymore.  I am sorry.”
He said to me, he too was hurt. It’s just that he didn’t let it get to him, and then we made up. We even got our first date after 4 months. We ate at BM's and had dinner. We had a very nice conversation, tried to catch up, and that was the most thrilling part. I really missed him, and now we are good, I might say back to normal. I learn not to have too many expectations, deep inside of me I still love him, but I only wanted for us to stay good friends and then just come what may, I think its way better.
And now I couldn’t help but wonder, despite all the things that has been said and done, how do we manage to forgive and forget?  Is it too blinding if you love the person so much?
Till next post.


Green Rose..

I named it Green Rose as I am wearing my most fave sweater of all time. I bought it from HK. Actually I saw a famous filipina model/tv star wearing the identical sweater in one of her print ads. My pants were a regular skinny jeans I just added flare into it by adding Rose applique.

Shoes of course were my creation. Alligator skin leather. here is a closer look:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Argyle Meets Leopard



I named this look jaded not because i feel jaded but because most of my colors are in the shades of green. I am wearing a tee that said Kill Hip Hop. I have nothing against hip hop, don't get me wrong, I just find it humorous.

I bought the jacket from OshKosh Bgosh. When I first saw this, my eyes were immediately drawn to it due to the vibrant colors it consists. The cut of this is short more of a bolero-type which I also love.

My pants were from Thailand. I just love the tiny detailing of the stitches in the front and back. The color was out of this world too.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My shoes are my signature. This is my own creation. A yellow top-sider. Here is the draft and finish product:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

All About Denim

Classic Vintage

Silk and Star

Silk and Star.. I called this silk and star for two obvious reasons. Silk because i have created a raincoat out of silk fabric. It has been raining for the past weeks and I was inspired to create a raincoat-inspired outerwear but made it more current and fashion forward. I have put a string in the waist area and neck so it can be tightened up. Star because of the watch i bought for a cheap price. I just find this watch super cute. Here is a picture for a close up look: Image and video hosting by TinyPic For my accessories. i have a created a ring from my old necklace. I have used the square pendant from my old necklace to create a ring, charm bracelet using different stones. My necklaces were a vintage silver choker and a rosary of music. Here is a close-up look: Image and video hosting by TinyPic For my shoes, I bought it from MdB. It is made out of denim which i love. I am trying to add this style on my collection of shoes that i am making. I am still studying how to create a pattern of this without me tearing this apart. This will be coming soon! Here is a close up look: Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Beigeful. I just invented a word for this look(lol). The name I concocted for this is pretty self-explanatory. All the colors in this look are in the family of beige and neutrals.
For the top it is a regular beige polo shirt from Lacoste. I had this way back when I was on college. It just proves that i have lost a lot of weight. ^_^ I bought the jacket from HK. A faux leather jacket with D&G logo. I love the zipper detailing on the front and the color is a dark shade of gray. For close up look: Image and video hosting by TinyPic My accessories are featured on the picture as well. An oriental styled neck piece which I bought for just a reasonable price. For my watch, it is another piece I bought from HK. They have great formal watch collection for a cheap price. For my pants this is the remainder of the fabric i used for my Burberry Madness look in LB. I made pants out of it. The fit is very fitted however this is the type of fabric where it is stretch and at the same time very breathable. Hope you like it. Please hype my looks to in Lookbook. Just click the hype button and you will be directed to the site. ♥_♥

Victorian and Leather

Victorian and Leather.. This look was completely done by me.. Victorian style top, It is made out of Dark green and light green jersey. I used draping method and pleading technique for the small folds and applied ruffles and pearl buttons to create the victorian look: Here is a close-up look: Image and video hosting by TinyPic My pants were created out of black leatherette, the front part was stitched to give an embossed look, zipper on the sides so it can be stretched and black cotton fabric at the back for comfort since wearing leather on skin is very uncomfortable: Image and video hosting by TinyPic Lastly Shoes were made out of blue green snake skin leather and added 2-1/2 inches heels my new design for shoes.. Image and video hosting by TinyPic


I call this look Kurtified.. This is very Kurt Hummel look from Glee. I was watching Glee Season 3 again and I was suddenly inspired to pay tribute to Kurt, a well-known gay character in television today. I was so in love with this Boots from Timberland. I bought it online and was a very good find. It is a rare Timberland design with Silver splatter on the side. Here it is for a closer look: Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Victorian Obsession

I have been quite obsessed with Victorian-style nowadays. I have been creating Victorian-styled blouses and practicing my pleading skills for three looks now. For the top, I have added a Victorian-styled white neck area blouse to my simple brown cardigan. I also created the cross necklace, it is made out of clear Swarovski and pearl beads with the big cross. I have included it on the necklace not as a pendant but continued part of the necklace itself. Here is the close-up look: Image and video hosting by TinyPic For my pants,it is black leather pants from Oxygen. For my shoes: Courtesy of YRYS, black shoes with brown alligator skin. Here is the pic for close-up look: Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Colorful take on Rainy Day

A colorful take on a rainy day... Skin-Feel Polo, Dirty-white Skinny jeans, Swatch Watch, Yellow Army Jacket, Tear-drop diamond necklace, and yellow-top-sider my own creation..

Going VIntage

Going Vintage: Top is a vintage polo shirt, Blue washed-out fitted pants, Gray Rope Bracelet, Black Beads Bracelet, Heart Necklace, Gold Tiger Skin 4 inches Platform Shoes (my own creation).


Colors.. For my look today.. I named it Colors because of the Jacket I have created for this look. This is a rainbow colored striped blazer. I put it on top of a simple black v neck shirt and white pants. For my shoes, I bought it from a thrift store. When I saw the that glittering shoes from the stand, I couldn't help myself but to buy it. Another good thing about this is the dwarf style at the back and the grip of the out sole. Here is a close up look: Image and video hosting by TinyPic

No Smoking Sign..

I called this no smoking sign as I was literally standing to it. I have been trying to quit smoking for quite sometime now. I stopped for a year maybe to let my lungs regenerate and unfortunately I got hooked again. For my look: Top: I am wearing a purple, gray, and black striped polo shirt from BUM Equipment. Pants: Gray butterfly pants. I named it butterfly pants as the effect of the button down on the pockets made it look like butterfly. Shoes: This is from Converse. Mixture of Black and white checkered and black cloth materials. Accessories: I have made most of my accessories here except for the suspenders which is bought from Divisoria. A famous cheap shopping market in the PH.

Chinese Inspired..

It's been a while since i have posted here in LB. I have been busy with things. I have been to HK to attend the Fashion Access Fashion show and shoes and leather convention as you know I specialize in shoes. For my look: I named it Chinese inspired cause this top was Chinese-inspired, I also have my snake bracelet to boot, to have a closer look of the stitching and design here it is: Image and video hosting by TinyPic The pants is my creation. It has blue and brown stripe at the back and plain brown at the front. Shoes are my own creation too. Fashion statements and khaki and light brown animal skin leather: Here is the draft when i just finished sewing the leathers: Image and video hosting by TinyPic Here is a close-up look when i put it on its form. Image and video hosting by TinyPic and the finish product.. Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Army/coat inspired jacket in moss green, Lacoste Pistachio-colored polo-shirt (small yes small! haha), Fitted pants with white and blue detailing, Gold leather and green fur bag, Yellow topsider shoes by Kyl's. ♥♥♥

Chief Justice Blair..

This next look was inspired by Blair Waldorf from GG and the newly appointed, first female chief justice in the Philippines. I created the top with those two powerful women in mind. I used silk for me to easily manipulate the folding and draping in the shoulder area. The pants are from faux leather material, very figure shaping with specs of gold. The shoes of course was created by me again and here is the draft of it when I just finished sewing the form. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Here is the finished product: Khaki Alligator skin Dress shoes. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A Day At Work..

A Day at Work. Psychedelic shirt, square pants by ensembles, bag with sequins handstiched by me ( don't i love sequins?) and MdB shoes.. I so love this look.. A little out there but who cares? Fashion is an expression..

Black and Silver

Burberry Madness

Burberry Madness. Top i created from my old ordinary brown long sleeves which i added Burberry fabrics, white fitted pants, and Black shoes with dark brown alligator skin as embellishment.

A Take on Army Look

Army Look.. This is my take on army look. Green, Yellow, and light blue checkered polo, silver rosary cross removed and changed with diamond pendant, swatch watch, army pants which i changed i added stretch cotton at the bottom (my own creation) and alligator skin green leather top-sider (my own creation).

Going Retro..

Going on Retro.. Black v-neck shirt, striped gray high-waisted pants with Gold detailing, smoky gray D&G jacket, black ankle boots, note rosary, gray rope bracelet and gray suspenders.

Rainy Day On Manila

Rainy day on Manila.. Violet knitwear with blue checkered hood, Blue and White stripes short and Purple high-cut converse shoes.

Hand-Painted Graphics..

This is a graphic hand-painted shirt.. Well we all can read what is hand painted on this shirt right? hahaha.. Well just trying to be playful.. My pants is a jogging pants inspired pants made out of leatherette material with a lot of stitches. As for the shoes, I thought i had lost this pair of sneakers from Levi's, but luckily it was just sitting on a box at the bottom of unused shoes.

Fierce Inspector

I can say this look is one of my looks that I created almost everything.. Almost.. White vneck shirt, gray suspenders, Blue and White pants which i have created, Silver Coat I have created out of Umbrella fabric as a material. It is rainy season here in the Philippines so I need some sort of a waterproof coat., haha and of course the blue suede shoes which i have created with 3 inches platform.


BRONZIFIED: Glittering jacket top, black sleeveless with glitter design, black and white three fourth pants, bronze shoes (my own creation).

Color Me Bold..

Rainbow-colored polo shirt from RL, jeans-sleeveless with Fur jacket, Blue jeans from Bench, White shoes RUSTY, crystal stones bracelet, red belt, red bag with brown detailing from Via Venetto.


Bedazzled.. Gray cotton long sleeve shirt i added a blue and white collar, silver fitted pants and regular converse shoes which I bedazzled with silver sequins.. brown leather scraps bag, and rosary necklace..

All Patched Up..

All Patched Up.. Black Army Jacket, Kill Hip Hop Tees, All patched up maong pants (my own creation), pink low cut pink converse.

Romance Meets Goth..

Romance meet Goth..Black draped vneck shirt my own creation, heart accesory, stretch pants with rose embroidery, and red espadrilles shoes with my favorite embelishment sequins (of course)! ♥♥♥ Again Photography by Jed editing by me

Think Pink

Think Pink! Poloshirt made out of three different fabrics and shades of pink: plain pink, argyle blue and pink and blue green with pink stitches, pink pants, mail bag with dove and light purple chucks with blue star laces! Thanks sis for your patience and for making me FIERCE

One Enchanting Night

Recycled Yellow..

Sports Style Jacket made out of my old bed sheet and shoes made out of my old LV bag..Polo Shirt thanks to Hollister and Gray fitted Pants..